How do Early Arrival Passes work?

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When you fill out your questionnaire, you have the opportunity to specify how many Early Arrival Passes you need, and which day of the week pre-event you would like to arrive on playa. We want you to have your camp built and ready when the gates open. Think about your infrastructure carefully and determine how many people, and what length of time, it will take to build your camp. The Placement team reviews each of these requests individually and decides the final number of each camp's Early Arrival Passes. Changes to EA pass request numbers must be made by August 1.

You may arrive at the gate ON (or any day AFTER) the arrival date posted on your Early Arrival Passes. You may NOT arrive any earlier than that day. We issue passes for Monday-Saturday of the week pre-event. If your passes are for Tuesday arrival, you may not come Monday. You may come Tuesday or later. If you do arrive early, you will not be allowed in to Black Rock City.

A Note about Early Arrival Passes:

Any person who is on the playa before the event begins should be working to build their theme camp. This is not a time to 'get the party started early.' You are accountable for all campers who have an Early Arrival Pass issued with your camp name on it. Any person with an Early Arrival Pass from your camp must stay in your reserved area pre-event. You may not seek out other, or additional, 'available' land for your camp (aka land grabbing). Before the event begins, all camping from Esplanade to G is reserved placement. You may not camp in any spot other than the one reserved for your camp. Respect the blue flags that mark reserved spots for other camps. Don't save space for friends coming in later.