I want to organize a bus tour to Burning Man

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Thank you for your interest in leading bus tours / excursions to Burning Man. There are a number of issues that make it extremely unlikely this will be possible.

First, Burning Man sells out every year and we do not make bulk ticket sales available to tour operators. Participants are required to purchase their own tickets and Vehicle Passes to the event as part of our ticket sales process. You can find more information on ticket sales on our website.

Second, we strongly discourage participants from attending for just one or two days, as several tour operators have inquired about. Spending that small amount of time in Black Rock City casts your clients more as tourists than actual participants in a thriving community, and that is not our goal for the event. In fact, Radical Self-Reliance and Participation are two of our core principles.

Third, the Black Rock Desert is a harsh environment, with temperatures ranging from 100 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and 40 degrees F or colder at night. Participants are expected to be fully self-reliant during their stay in Black Rock City including all their food, water, shelter and accommodation. There is no food or water for sale at the event and the nearest hotels are two hours away in Sparks. We strongly discourage participants from repeatedly entering and leaving the city.

Lastly, all commercial operators are required to obtain a special recreation permit from the Bureau of Land Management to operate in Black Rock City. Based on your ability to meet the other requirements, there’s still no guarantee a permit would be issued.

All this being said, there are ways for your clients to come to the event. If they are able to secure tickets, they would have the option of using our Burner Express bus service from San Francisco or Reno to travel to Black Rock City. They will still be required to bring everything necessary to survive in a harsh desert environment (which can be transported by the bus or their own vehicles). All of the information necessary to do this is on the Burning Man website - http://www.burningman.org.