How to set up deliveries on the Playa – NOT a Registered Theme Camp

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Burning Man is not really set up for the separate delivery of goods or services to the event. We recommend that you bring with you everything that you will need to survive a week in the desert.

Everyone entering the city must have a valid ticket. This would include any delivery person, even if they are traveling with you and intend to turn around and leave the city right after dropping off your load. Deliveries arriving at the Gate without a valid Burning Man ticket will be turned away.

If you are working with a company that says they can deliver to Burning Man, please be very careful and ask to see a copy of their Outside Services Delivery Credential. There are special requirements and significant fees that delivery companies must pay to have the ability to make multiple deliveries to the event. Most have no idea that we have such stringent requirements, and more than one delivery gets turned away at the main Gate each year.