In case of an emergency, how do I contact a participant?

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In the event of an emergency, contacting participants at the event can be quite challenging, as we do not have exact camping addresses. We will do our very best to locate and deliver any emergency messages.

Please send your email to with the following information:

Participants real (legal) name

Participants “playa” name, if known

Location (include camp name or friends they may be camping with along with any info on possible location within the city)


All incoming emails to will also be held at Playa Info at Center Camp. The participant can identify themselves to the Manager and they will search for any emergency notifications we may have received.

We also attempt to locate and deliver messages through our Black Rock Rangers. We strongly suggest that all participants register their camping location in our Directory at Playa Info located at Center Camp. This will greatly help in our being able to locate them in the event of an emergency.